Ukraine: physical aggression is commonly used against journalists

  • In Ukraine between 8 and 14 November two cases of violation of freedom of speech were registered, one in the category «Physical aggression», the other one in the category «Censorhip. Access to public information».Category «Physical aggression»

    Near the Industrial District Court in Dnipropetrovsk the unindentified wearing MIA uniform prevented several camera crews from work. Olha Pavlovska, a correspondent of TSN in Dnipropetrovsk, reported about it. The incident happened when the journalists arrived to cover sentencing for ex-chairman of Zachepylivka rayon council Oleh Tokar, who was accused of manslaughter.

    In Kherson «Right sector» threatened to punish the journalists for spreading of information on its disbandment. Such information was published on the Vkontakte page of this party.

    Category «Censorship. Access to public information»

    Public prosecution office of Mykolaiv oblast withheld information about full names of persons who were at the head of Mykolaiv regional public prosecution office during the period from February 25, 2010 to February 22, 2014 saying that disclosure of that information might do much harm to their reputation. Oleh Dereniuha, an editor of online media outlet, sent a request to the public prosecution office of Mykolaiv oblast to get some information on those, who were at the head of this body as well as deputy prosecutors during so called «lustration period» prescribed by the law of Ukraine on «Lustration». However, Olha Levytska, a senior prosecutor of Mykolaiv oblast specialized in access to public information, refused to give such information to the journalist claiming that that was personal data which could be disclosed only with person’s consent.



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This report was prepared under the Media Watch Network project that IMI runs with Freedom House and the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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